André Jacob Roubo

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André Jacob Roubo
Illustration of sawing from Roubo's work

André Jacob Roubo was a French cabinetmaker and author. The son and grandson of master cabinetmakers, he earned that designation in 1774 through the publication of his masterwork treatise on woodworking.

He wrote a highly influential complete treatise on woodworking that covers practically all the associated trades. This multi-volume work, L'Art du Menuisier (The Art of the Joiner), published between 1769 and 1774 by the Académie des Sciences, contains sections and illustrations on: building carpentry, furniture making, and precious woodworking (ébénisterie), carriage making, and garden woodworking.

Ruobo's design for a workbench has proven to be popular amongst some modern woodworkers.[1]

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