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André Oktay Dahl

André Oktay Dahl (born 7 July 1975 in Lørenskog) is a lawgraduated Norwegian man who was a politician representing the Conservative Party. He served as a representative of Akershus in the Storting and was first elected in 2005. He was a reserve candidate in the two previous periods, and took Jan Petersen's seat while Petersen was a cabinet minister from 2001-2005.

He was also elected to the regional Parliament of Akershus between 1999-2006, where he amongst others lead the standing Comitee on Scrutiny. Dahl has also lead the Akershus Conservatives, his Partys biggest regional Party, between 2008-2012. During his time in Parliament he focused on fighting homophobia, fight for female rights, anti-corruption and fighting against childabuse. In January 2008 he made harsh accusations against controversial Norwegian defense attorney Tor Erling Staff who was then defense attorney for the suspected Pocket Man, a Norwegian pedophile predator.[1] Attorney Staff had asserted that the bulk of the cases with which his client is charged amount to mere "peanuts". Dahl's position was that by downplaying the severity of the abuse, Staff in fact victimized the victims again. Dahl is a former victim of child sexual abuse,[1] and he is also openly gay.

He was rewarded for both his work for gayrights as well as his openness considering his own experiences of child sexual abuse. He was member of the board of several organizations working against homophobia and violence towards men as well as women.

Dahl served as his parties central spokesperson in judicial matters and was central in the discussions after the terroristattacks in Norway after the 22nd of July in 2011. Occasionally he tried to get his Party to discuss if Norwegian anti-drug policy " worked" and if criminalization works. He is now member of the think tank "Foenix" which works for better help to persons addicted to drugs.

After leaving the Norwegian Parliament, Dahl took the position as Account director in Norways biggest Consultancy firm, Gambit Hill+Knowlton. He is still partly active in public debates, especially considering the core issues he engaged in when beeing an elected MP; Childabuse, human rights and LHBT- issues.

In 2015 he withdrew his membership of the Conservative Party to become politically independent.[2]

In an interview given to the weekend magazine " Dagbladet Magasinet" in March 2015 he stated the reasons he left politics that he wasnt sure anymore about central political solutions by any political party and did not want to engage any more in party politics. He mentioned to have been approached by several different parties, but wants to stay independent until he eventually knows more about where he stands politically. He also stated that there were "no personal conflicts or dissatisfaction of not beeing given a position within the new Government" that made him withdrew. If he wanted a position he would " have asked for renomination" he added in the same interview.

Dahl is also known to be a former highly skillful clarinet-player and planned to be a professional musician. Amongst others he served as solo-clarinetplayer in his Majestys Kings Guards band when he served in the Norwegian Army.

Storting committees[edit]

  • 2009–2013 deputy leader of the standing Comitee of Justice
  • 2005–2009 member of the standing Comitee of Justice
  • 2001–2005 member of the standing Comittee of Scrutiny and Constitutional affairs.


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