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Andre Birleanu (born August 7, 1977 or 1978)[1] is a Russian-Romanian male model television personality known for his appearance on the Vh1 television show America's Most Smartest Model.[2][3]

Early life[edit]

Birleanu was born of Romanian and Russian parents. He is the only child of Vladimir Birleanu, a Russian diplomat, and Carmen Bîrleanu, a Romanian diplomat.[4] Birleanu was born in the Soviet Union, Moscow, but soon after moved and mainly was raised by his father with whom he travelled most of his life, as he was a diplomat under the soviet diplomatic corp.[5] His father is a doctor and professor in International Criminal Law and his mother, who is deceased, worked for the United Nations in New York, USA.[4] Birleanu arrived in New York in 1996, invited by his mother in search of a new life and education.[6] He attended John Jay Criminal Justice Academy.[6] He is fluent in English, Romanian, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese,[7] and still struggling with his native Russian as depicted on America's Most Smartest Model.[8]

Legal trouble[edit]

In October 2007, he was charged with sexual misconduct and aggravated harassment due to accusations from an actress, and a female model, both in the same week, charges which he and his lawyer denied and called a "conspiracy" and "simple minded dirty tactics meant to stain and harm his reputation"[9][unreliable source?] Almost a year later the district attorney's office in the Criminal Court of Manhattan dropped all charges on both cases.[10][unreliable source?] Birleanu had maintained his innocence the entire time and had said he wanted to counter prosecute for false charges.[10][unreliable source?] Birleanu currently is a fugitive in a felony case in Miami, Florida. He was charged for assault in 2009.[1] According to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, Birleanu's name is Vivien Birleana and Andre Birleanu is an alias.

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