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André Landzaat was born and raised in The Hague in The Netherlands. He inherited his desire for adventure from his father's father, who was a sea captain on many far-away destinations. He received his passion for the creative arts from his mother and her father, who were both contemporary painters.

Before he went to Ireland and England at an early age to improve on his English, he had won a film contest by the Nederlandse Film Maatschappij. After his military service in the Netherlands and Germany, he moved to Paris to study method acting with Yves Furet. During that time, he acquainted Edward Albee, who pointed him to study with the master of the method acting, Lee Strasberg himself in New York City. Andre joined his private classes at Carnegie Hall and became a lifetime member of the Actors Studio. There he found his inspiration and acting development from sharing and experiencing the work by actors like Al Pacino and Robert De Niro.

Even though that theatre was his passion, because of his Dutch accent, his friend Tennessee Williams suggested for him to go to Los Angeles for the TV and film work. He then received a Soap Opera Award for portraying the character of Tony Cassadine on General Hospital. He developed a close relationship with Betty Garrett when he also became a member of Theatre West. Garrett was a big influence in helping him to sing his very first song when she was the moderator for many many years for their musical comedy workshop.

Landzaat still resides in Los Angeles and besides continuing with his acting career, he also enjoys teaching the method acting to young and beginning actors at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute. Andre is represented by Sharon Nixon Kelly of American Artists Group Management

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