Andreas Aarflot

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Andreas Aarflot
Born (1928-07-01) 1 July 1928 (age 85)
Hunan province, China
Nationality Norwegian
Known for Theologian, Bishop Emeritus in Church of Norway

Andreas Aarflot (born 1 July 1928) is a Norwegian theologian and bishop emeritus in the Church of Norway.

Early Life[edit]

Aarflot was born in Yiyang, China where his mother and father served the Norwegian Missionary Company in the Hunan province.

He is cand.theol. from MF Norwegian School of Theology (1951) and dr.theol. from University of Oslo (1970). Furthermore he has studied in Heidelberg, England and USA, has an honorary doctor's degree from St. Olaf College (1987) and is an honorary member of Finska kyrkohistoriska sälllskapet (1978).[1]

Aarflot has among other things worked for the Norwegian Seamen's Mission and the Norwegian Lutheran Inner Mission Society, and served as a priest in Røyken. He was connected[clarification needed] with the MF Norwegian School of Theology (1960), faculty lecturer (1968) and docent (1970) before he became a professor in 1976. The same year he was proclaimed bishop in the Diocese of Borg after Per Lønning withdrew as a protest on legalizing abortion.

Aarflot was considered[who?] a moderately conservative, holding what are seen as centrist views theologically in the Church of Norway.

He was decorated as a Commander with Star of the Order of St. Olav in 1979.[2]


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