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Andreas Cathrinus Backer (30 May 1895 – 10 August 1975) was a Norwegian journalist, newspaper editor and organizational leader. He was born in Mo, Telemark, the son of priest Hans Backer and Johanne Offenberg, and was a brother of Thomas Offenberg Backer. He was a journalist for the newspaper Aftenposten from 1917, and editor of Gjengangeren from 1924. He worked as sectretary for the Norwegian Trekking Association from 1927, and was appointed secretary-general from 1945 to 1956. He edited the annals of the organization from 1929 to 1945. Among his publications are Friluftsboka from 1941, Til fjells med Andreas Backer from 1944, and Med beksøm og fiskestang from 1949.[1][2]


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