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Andreas H. Bitesnich (born in Vienna, 1964) is an Austrian photographer and musician. He specializes in nude and portrait photography. His work appears regularly in international magazines.


Originally working as a retailer, Bitesnich found his passion for photography when his friend, an assistant photographer, showed him his portfolio of black-and-white photographs. Having no education in photography, he started to teach himself all the relevant photography techniques. In 1989, he finally decided to quit his job as a retailer and started working as a professional photographer.


  • Nudes (1998)
  • Tension (2000)
  • Travel (2001)
  • Woman (2001)
  • Nudes (2001)
  • Woman (2001)
  • Travel (2001)
  • On Form (2003)
  • Woman (2005)
  • Polanude (2005
  • More Nudes (2007)



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