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Andrei Khrzhanovsky (born 1939 in Moscow) is a Russian animator, documaker, writer and producer. He is the father of director Ilya Khrzhanovsky.

He rose to prominence in the west with his 2009 picture "Room and a half" (ft Sergei Yursky, Alisa Freindlich) about Joseph Brodsky.[1][2] Although Khrzhanovsky's 1966 dark comedy "There Lived Kozyavin" was clearly a comment on the dangerous absurdity of a regimented communist bureaucracy it was approved by the state owned Soyuzmultfilm studio. However "The Glass Harmonica" in 1969 continuing a theme of heartless bureaucrats confronted by the liberating power of music and art was the first animated film to be officially banned in Russia.[3]

Filmography (selection)[edit]

  • Glass Harmonica (1968, short film, Russian: Стеклянная гармоника)
  • A Fantastic Tale (1978, Russian: Чудеса в решете)
  • A Pushkin Trilogy (1986)
  • The Lion With the White Beard (1995, Russian: Лев с седой бородой)
  • "Half Cat" (2002, Russian: Полтора кота)
  • A Room and a Half (2009, Russian: Полторы комнаты)


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