Andrei Kulebin

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Andrei Kulebin
Andrei Kulebin 4.jpg
Andrei Kulebin at THAI FIGHT 2012 final
Born (1984-05-14) May 14, 1984 (age 31)
Neustrelitz, Germany
Other names Bullet
Nationality Belarus Belarus
Height 1.74 m (5 ft 8 12 in)
Weight 67 kg (148 lb; 10.6 st)
Division Welterweight
Style Muay Thai
Stance Orthodox
Fighting out of Minsk, Belarus
Team Gym "Kick Fighter"
Trainer Evgeni Dobrotvorski
Kickboxing record
Total 67
Wins 54
Losses 13
Amateur career
Total 121
Wins 115
Losses 6
last updated on: April 14, 2014

Andrei "Bullet" Kulebin (born 14 May 1984 in Neustrelitz, Germany) is a Belarusian Muay Thai welterweight kickboxer fighting out of Minsk, Belarus for Gym "Kick Fighter".[1] He is an 18 time Muay Thai and kickboxing world champion who has won international titles both at amateur and professional level from 51 kg to 67 kg and is considered one of the top pound for pound Muay Thai fighters outside of Thailand.[2] In 2007 he was the first ever Muay Thai fighter in Belarus to be awarded the "Honored Master of Sport" by the countries president.[3]


Ready to against with Singmanee Kaewsamrit at THAI FIGHT 2012 final

Andrei began his kickboxing education at the age of eight in Minsk where he studied Taekwondo, only to switch to Muay Thai four years later, aged twelve, when he joined his (still) current club Gym "Kick Fighter", run by trainer Evgeni Dobrotvorski.[4] At his new gym he had access to some of the best facilities in Belarus, training with future world champions such as Dmitry Shakuta, Andrei Kotsur, Aliaksei Pekarchyk and Vasily Shish.[5] As a teenager he competed in a number of amateur competitions in Belarus, winning the junior national title at 38 kg as well as making his pro debut in 1999. In 2001 he came third at the I.A.M.T.F. Amateur Muay Thai World Championships in Bangkok, Thailand and went even better later that year winning gold in the 51 kg category at the W.A.K.O. World Championships in 2001. Success in the amateur circuit transferred across to the professional game in 2002 where Andrei defeated compatriot Alexei Talantov to win the World Kickboxing Network (W.K.N.) European title,[4] followed swiftly by the organizations intercontinental title, also in 2002. Between 2002 and 2005 Andrei won more titles – winning gold medals at the I.A.M.T.F. (world[6] & European), W.A.K.O. and W.M.F. world championships, as well as claiming two W.K.N. professional world titles at super bantamweight and featherweight respectively. He also suffered his first ever professional defeat losing to Rudolf Durica in an unsuccessful attempt for Durica's W.P.M.F. title at the King's Birthday event in Bangkok, Thailand at the end of 2005. Bt 2006, at the age of 21, Andrei had won seven world titles.

In October, 2006 Andrei entered the annual W.M.C. I-1 World Muay Thai Grand Prix, an eight man competition for some of the top Muay Thai fighters at 63.5 kg. He emerged victorious at the tournament in Hong Kong, gaining revenge over the man who had inflicted his first pro defeat and reigning I-1 champion, Rudolph Durica, in the semi finals, before defeating Santichai Or Boonchauy in the final.[7] He re-entered the W.M.C. I-1 World Grand Prix again the next year as defending champion once more defeating the two men he had faced the previous year, beating Santichai in the semi finals and Durica in the final.[8] His victory in Hong Kong was tempered somewhat by his defeat against Neung Songnarong and the loss of the W.K.N. intercontinental title he had won back in 2002 (strangely this was Andrei's first defence of the title in five years due to a lack of suitable opposition). He also had success on the amateur circuit winning an incredible three world championships in one year; W.M.F., W.A.K.O.[9] and I.F.M.A.[10] He followed up this success the following year by once again winning the W.M.C. I-1 World Grand Prix, for the third successive year.[11]

2009 was another successful year for Andrei, winning the W.M.C. featherweight title from reigning world champion Mosab Amrani at the Champions of Champions II event in Jamaica[12] and then defending his title by knocking out Michael Dicks towards the end of the year, with a spectacular head kick.[13] Sandwiched between these title fights was a tournament win at the inaugural W.K.N. Big-8 competition held in Andrei's home town of Minsk.[14] The next year was not quite as successful as he suffered three defeats to Thai opposition losing to Jeeprasak Inudom at the quarter final stage of the I.F.M.A. world championships (the first time in years he had failed to make at least the podium at an amateur championship) and twice to Sudsakorn Sor Klinmee in W.K.N. events, both of which were for prestigious titles within the organization. Despite a relatively unsuccessful year, Andrei still had time to win two world titles, winning the W.M.C. I-1 tournament for the fourth time[15] and the little-known World Dynamite Thaiboxing title against Imran Khan in Sheffield,[16] as well as gold at the IFMA European Championships. At the beginning of 2011 Kulebin won another medal at amateur level, winning gold at the I.F.M.A. European championships in Antalya, Turkey.[17][18]

On 31 March 2012 he was defeated by Liam Harrison in Manchester, UK by TKO in round 3.

He defeated Crice Boussoukou via decision in the quarter-finals of the 2012 Thai Fight 67 kg Tournament at Thai Fight 2012: King of Muay Thai in Bangkok, Thailand on October 23, 2012.[19][20][21]

He then beat Adaylton Pereira de Freitas by decision in the tournament semi-finals in Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand on November 25, 2012.[22][23]

He lost to Singmanee Kaewsamrit on points again in the final on December 16, 2012.[24][25]

On May 6, 2013, Kulebin defeated Umar Semata and Petchaswin Seatransferry to win the MAX Muay Thai 1 tournament in Surin, Thailand.[26]

He will fight Saenchai PKSaenchaimuaythaigym at Combat Renaissance in China on September 17, 2013.[27]

He lost to eventual champion Sagetdao Petpayathai on points in the semi-finals of the MAX Muay Thai 5: The Final Chapter tournament in Khon Kaen, Thailand on December 10, 2013.[28][29]

He defeated Yang Zhou via UD at Combat Banchamek in Surin, Thailand on April 14, 2014.[30]

Kulebin was initially set to fight Lee Sung-Hyun at the K-1 World MAX 2013 World Championship Tournament Final in Pattaya, Thailand on July 26, 2014.[31] The event was postponed due to the 2014 Thai coup d'état, however.[32]



  • 2014 IPCC World champion-67kg
  • 2014Kunlun Fight 1 Tournament 2nd place
  • 2013 MAX Muay Thai 1 Tournament Champion
  • 2012Thai Fight 67kg Tournament 2nd place
  • 2011 W.K.N. World Grand Prix Big-8 champion -66.7 kg
  • 2010 World Dynamite Thaiboxing champion -66 kg
  • 2010 W.K.N. World Grand Prix Big-8 runner up -66.7 kg
  • 2010 W.M.C. I-1 World Grand Prix champion -66 kg
  • 2009 W.M.C. world champion -63 kg (1st title defense)
  • 2009 W.M.C. I-1 World Grand Prix runner up -66 kg
  • 2009 W.K.N. World Grand Prix Big-8 champion -66.7 kg
  • 2009 W.M.C. world champion -63 kg
  • 2008 W.M.C. I-1 World Grand Prix champion -65 kg
  • 2007 W.M.C. I-1 World Grand Prix champion -63.5 kg
  • 2006 W.M.C. I-1 World Grand Prix champion -63.5 kg
  • 2005 W.K.N. Muay Thai featherweight world champion -60.3 kg
  • 2004 W.K.N. Muay Thai super bantamweight world champion -58.5 kg
  • 2002-07 W.K.N. intercontinental champion
  • 2002 W.K.N. European champion


  • 2014 I.F.M.A. World Muaythai Championships in Langkawi, Malasia Gold -67 kg
  • 2013 SportAccord World Combat Games Muaythai champion Gold (-67 kg)
  • 2013 I.F.M.A. European Muaythai Championships in Lisbon, Portugal Silver -67 kg
  • 2011 I.F.M.A European Muaythai Championships in Antalya, Turkey Gold -67 kg
  • 2010 I.F.M.A European Muaythai Championships in Velletri, Italy Gold -67 kg
  • 2009 I.F.M.A. World Muaythai Championships in Bangkok, Thailand Silver -67 kg
  • 2008 I.F.M.A. World Muaythai Championships in Busan, South Korea Bronze -67 kg
  • 2007 I.F.M.A. World Muaythai Championships in Bangkok, Thailand Gold -67 kg
  • 2007 W.A.K.O. World Championships in Belgrade, Serbia Gold - 63.5 kg (K-1 Rules)
  • 2007 W.M.F. World Muaythai Championships in Bangkok, Thailand Gold -63.5 kg
  • 2006 I.F.M.A. World Muaythai Championships in Bangkok, Thailand Bronze -60 kg
  • 2006 W.M.F. World Muaythai Championships in Bangkok, Thailand Silver -60 kg
  • 2005 W.M.F. World Muaythai Championships in Bangkok, Thailand Gold -60 kg
  • 2004 W.M.F. World Muaythai Championships in Bangkok, Thailand Gold -57 kg
  • 2003 W.A.K.O. World Championships in Yalta, Ukraine Gold -57 kg (Thai Boxing)
  • 2003 I.A.M.T.F. World Muaythai Championships in Bangkok, Thailand Gold -55.3 kg
  • 2002 I.A.M.T.F. European Muaythai Championships in Cyprus Gold -51 kg
  • 2001 W.A.K.O. World Championships in Belgrade, Serbia & Montenegro Gold -51 kg (Thai Boxing)
  • 2001 I.A.M.T.F. World Muaythai Championships in Bangkok, Thailand Bronze -48 kg
  • x8 Belarusian national Muay Thai champion

Professional Muay Thai Record[edit]

Professional Kickboxing Record

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Amateur Muay Thai Record[edit]

Amateur Kickboxing Record

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