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Andrew Anthony is a journalist who has written for The Guardian since 1990,[1] and The Observer.[2] Anthony is also the author of On Penalties (2000) and The Fall-Out (2007).

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The chapters are entitled Shock, Shame, Anger, Denial and Guilt – as if lifted from a textbook on popular psychology. The word "albeit" crops up throughout. The author's disillusionment with multiculturalism begins well before 9/11, when he reads a report on the future of cultural diversity in Britain compiled by men and women who are liberal in their outlook. It may sit well with Andrew Anthony to pronounce the death of multicultural society, but for those of us who have come here from other countries, multiculturalism cannot and must not fail.[3]

The guilty liberalism he excoriates, in a book that retains a force and a passion and an insistence that you examine the thoughts you think that you think through some 300 finely written pages, is not a definition of the contemporary left, but a barrier to its development. [4]

A timely, pertinent, and brilliantly argued book about the crisis in left-liberalism



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