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Andrew Clifford Winawer Brandler
Born 19 April 1956
Occupation CEO of CLP Group

Andrew Clifford Winawer Brandler is the Chief Executive Office of Hong Kong utility company CLP Group, and Chairman of Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce.


Professional career[edit]

Brandler holds a MA degree from the University of Cambridge and an MBA degree from Harvard Business School. He is a qualified Chartered Accountant.[2]

His background is in Investment banking, having served as Head of Asia-Pacific Corporate Finance of Schroders, in Hong Kong prior to his appointment as Chief Executive Officer of Hong Kong listed utility company CLP Group since 2000.[2]

In May 2008, following the fraud investigation into Lily Chiang, Brandler was elected to replace Chiang as Chairman of the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce.[3]

Community positions[4][edit]


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