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Andrew Braybrook is a software engineer, a former game programmer. He created video games such as Paradroid, Gribbly's Day Out, Fire and Ice, Uridium and Morpheus. He also programmed the Commodore Amiga conversion of the arcade game Rainbow Islands.[1]

Braybrook started out writing accounting programs for GEC Marconi using COBOL in 1979.[2] In his spare time he wrote games in BASIC for the ZX80, ZX81 and Dragon 32.[3] His first foray into professional games came while he was playing bass guitar in a rock band with Steve Turner. Steve was writing games for the ZX Spectrum in his spare time and decided to make his break into full-time games production by starting the company which went on to become Graftgold. A few months after its inception, Turner asked Braybrook to join him in September 1983. Braybrook was commissioned by the magazine Zzap!64 to write a diary detailing the making of the video game Paradroid.[4]

In 1986 Braybrook was voted Best Programmer of the Year at the Golden Joystick Awards.[5]

Braybrook now works as a senior software developer for a large insurance firm.