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Andrew Coburn

Andrew Coburn (born May 1, 1932, Exeter, New Hampshire) is a United States New York Times best selling novelist. His novels have been translated into fourteen languages; three of his novels have been adapted into French films subsequently subtitled all over the world. His early years in journalism included working his way up the ladder from beat and crime reporting to managing editor to publishing his own newspapers, "The Journal" and "Today." With the advent of the Internet his body of work is garnering added attention,including films of some 20 and 30 years ago finding new audiences all over the world. There are several film projects in the works as his work, current and previous, continues to gain interest via worldwide online literary magazines, websites, and bloggers. He is married to Bernadine Casey Coburn, a former journalist and publicist now teaching writing at a women's jail, with whom he has one son and four daughters. They live in Andover, Massachusetts.


  • The Trespassers (1974)
  • The Babysitter (1979)
  • Off Duty (1980)
  • Company Secrets (1982)
  • Widow's Walk (1984)
  • Sweetheart (1985)
  • Love Nest (1987)
  • Goldilocks (1989)
  • No Way Home (1992)
  • Voices in the Dark (1994)
  • Birthright (1998)
  • On the Loose (2006)
  • My Father's Daughter (novella 2007)

Some 30 of his uncollected short stories appear in various literary journals. The Transatlantic Review (New York, London) published his early short fiction.

A collection of his short stories are currently in the process of publication.


  • Edgar Awards Best Novel nominee (1990) : Goldilocks
  • Eugene Saxton Memorial fellowship (Harper and Row) 1965
 Awarded with an honorary doctorate of letters for his service to both journalism and the  novel (1987)
  "Plum Island" included in Contrary Magazine's 10 year commemorative issue for best non-fiction

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