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Andrew Richard Groff is the 2012 Green party candidate for the Delaware seat in the United States Senate;[1] he has been endorsed by the Libertarian Party,[2][3][4] which does not have a candidate for the Delaware US Senate seat.[1] Groff is the owner of a computer consulting firm targeting small businesses.[4] He is also an adjunct professor of computer science at Delaware Technical Community College;[4] however, this teaching role is not at the level required for listing on the school's academic personnel roster.[5] In 2011, Groff was a member of the Occupy Delaware facilitator's committee.[6]

As of October 2012, Groff was 55 years old.[7]

Campaign positions[edit]

Groff has indicated his opposition to "investing trillions in wars overseas", indicating he would rather see this money invested domestically to improve the United States economy.[4] He has also indicated his belief that business' uncertainty about the future of the economy has stalled hiring and that the "government’s in the way" in this area of jobs growth.[4]

Groff has indicated his belief that the federal education programs No Child Left Behind and Race to the Top have been failures and that school regulation should be a local, not a federal, matter.[4]

Groff has also indicated his support for Planned Parenthood and his conviction that "Healthcare is a human right."[4] Groff has also indicated his belief in the need for government regulation, blaming government for allowing corporations to pollute.[4]


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