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Andrew Harman is a science fiction and fantasy fiction author from the UK. His novels bear titles that pun on other famous works. Each work reflects its playful title, having a plot matching the work to which it alludes, with a humorous twist.

Many of his novels are set in the fictional UK town of Camford, which is a hybridisation of the two university towns of Oxford and Cambridge.

His books are published under the Orbit imprint in the UK.

Andrew Harman studied biochemistry at the University of York, being a member of Wentworth College.

He was inspired to become a better writer when a superior at work told him "this isn't your best writing."


Firkin series[edit]

  • The Sorcerer's Appendix (1993)
  • The Frogs of War (1994)
  • The Tome Tunnel (1994)
  • Fahrenheit 666 (1995)
  • One Hundred And One Damnations (1995)

Standalone novels[edit]

  • The Scrying Game (1996)
  • The Deity Dozen (1996)
  • A Midsummer Night's Gene (1997)
  • It Came from On High (1998) aka Beyond Belief (this was a working title)
  • The Suburban Salamander Incident (1999)
  • Talonspotting (2000)

Note: Beyond Belief (1998), which shows up in various Internet booklists, does not exist, as it was the working title that became It Came From On High - the satirical novel about what occurs when the Pope discovers that aliens exist.

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