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Andrew Jolivétte is an American author and lecturer who is employed at San Francisco State University as an associate professor in American Indian Studies and an instructor in Ethnic Studies, Educational Leadership, and Race and Resistance Studies.

Jolivétte is the author of three books: Cultural Representation in Native America (part of the Contemporary Native American Communities Series published by AltaMira Press), Louisiana Creoles: Cultural Recovery and Mixed Race Native American Identity and Obama and the Biracial Factor: The Battle for a New American Majority. Jolivétte's writing has been featured in Ethnic Studies Review Journal and in several anthologies. He serves as president of the board of two organizations, Speak Out (part of the Institute for Democratic Education and Culture) and iPride. Jolivétte is a Creole whose cultural heritage includes Opelousa, Choctaw, Atakapa-Ishak, Cherokee, French, African and Spanish.


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