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This article is about the Canadian writer. For the American entertainer, see Andy Kaufman.
Andrew Kaufman
Born Wingham, Ontario, Canada
Occupation Writer, director, and producer
Language English
Nationality Canadian
Education F. E. Madill Secondary School
Children Phoenix & Frida

Andrew Kaufman (born Wingham, Ontario)[1] is a Canadian writer, film director, and radio producer.


Kaufmans short film Aberistiwith was screened at festivals across Europe and Canada. He was a revolving cast member of the Perpetual Motion Roadshow, and now works as a producer for CBC Radio in Toronto.[citation needed]

His novella All My Friends Are Superheroes (2003) is a humorous love story between a normal man and a super-heroine, The Perfectionist. The novella is set in the Toronto superhero milieu, in which the bizarre characters (The Seeker, The Inverse, BusinessMan etc.) actually personify different human types. It has been translated into Norwegian (2006), Italian (2007), French (translated by Anna Rozen) Éditions Alto (2007), German (2008), Dutch (translated by Caroline Teszler) (2009) and Spanish (2010).[citation needed]

He has also written a novel entitled, The Waterproof Bible, published by Telegram in 2009. His novella, The Tiny Wife was published in 2010 by Madras Press.


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