Andrew King (music manager)

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Andrew King
Occupation Music manager
Years active 1960s-
Organization Blackhill Enterprises
Awards 2006 BACS Gold Badge Award

Andrew King (born 1942) is a music manager, formerly for Blackhill Enterprises, where he co-managed Pink Floyd and others.[1]

King, Peter Jenner and the original four members of Pink Floyd were partners in Blackhill Enterprises.[1] After Syd Barrett's departure from Pink Floyd in 1968 Jenner and King ended their relationship with Pink Floyd and continued as managers for Barrett and other British rock bands.[1]

Acts he has managed since the dissolution of Blackhill in the early 1980s include Ian Dury.[1]

He is winner of 2006 BACS Gold Badge Award and board member for the Performing Rights Society.


He has three children, a son and two daughters. His daughter, Ianthe, attended Oxford University.


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