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Andrew "Andy" L. Abrams is a Professor of Law and Dean at the Charleston School of Law in Charleston, South Carolina. In addition to his position as the Dean of the Charleston School of Law, he is also the Executive Director of the Charleston School of Law Foundation. He accepted the position as Dean of the Charleston School of Law after serving as Interim Dean during the 2008 Spring Semester.

Abrams came to the Charleston School of Law as a seasoned school administrator. Prior to joining the faculty at the Charleston School of Law, he held various positions at the College of Charleston, including Senior Vice President of Strategic Planning and Administration (2003–2005), Provost and Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs (2001–2003), Associate Provost (1999–2000), Senior Vice President for Institutional Research and Planning (1992–2000), Chair of the Department of Accounting and Legal Studies and Acting Dean of Graduate Studies (1991–1992), and Executive Athletic Director (1988–1992). In addition to his positions within the college's administration and his tenured position as a professor of legal studies, Abrams was also Director of the Governor's School of South Carolina (1991–1999).[1] Before joining academia, Abrams was a trial lawyer in his hometown, Greenville, South Carolina.[2]

Abrams graduated magna cum laude from Furman University with a B.A. in political science.[1] Later, he earned a J.D. degree with honors from the University of South Carolina.[1] After a short time in private practice, he furthered his legal studies with an LL.M. with a sports law emphasis from the University of Virginia.[1] He has also received a certificate from the Institute of Educational Management at Harvard University.[1] As a legal scholar, his primary research focus is sports and education law.[2]

Abrams is an avid baseball fan. His "team" is the Brooklyn Dodgers, which he notes "hasn't lost a game since 1957." He also roots for the Boston Red Sox.[2]


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