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Andrew J. Looney
Born (1963-11-05) November 5, 1963 (age 51)
Residence College Park, Maryland
Nationality American
Other names Andy Looney
Known for Game Designer, Eagle Scout

Andrew J. Looney (born November 5, 1963), better known as Andy Looney, is an award-winning game designer and computer programmer.


Andrew Looney as a youth he became an Eagle Scout.[1] He and his wife Kristin Looney both worked at NASA, where, in 1993, some of Looney's software was launched into orbit as part of the repairs to the Hubble Space Telescope.[2] He then went on to a brief career as a game programmer at Magnet Interactive Studios, where he created that company's only entry to the market, Icebreaker.

Andrew and Kristin Looney, and Alison Frane together run the games company Looney Labs,[3] where Andrew is the chief creative officer.[1] Looney Labs has published most of his game designs, such as Fluxx, Chrononauts, and the Icehouse game system.[4] Andrew Looney's Fluxx was licensed to Iron Crown Enterprises, who published it in 1997.[5] His other game designs include Aquarius, Nanofictionary, IceTowers, Treehouse, and Martian Coasters.[1] He is also a photographer, a cartoonist, a video-blogger, and a marijuana-legalization advocate.[1]

Patents & awards[edit]

Looney holds patents on the game mechanics for Icehouse, IceTowers and Chrononauts:

Looney has won the following game design awards:

  • 1999 — Mensa Mind Games: Mensa Select Award for Fluxx[6]
  • 2000 — Origins Award: Best Traditional Card Game for Chrononauts[7]
  • 2000 — Origins Award: Best Abstract Board Game for Icehouse[7]
  • 2001 — Parents Choice Silver Honors Chrononauts
  • 2001 — Origins Award: Best Abstract Board Game for Cosmic Coasters[8]
  • 2003 — Parents Choice Silver Honors Nanofictionary
  • 2005 — Mensa Mind Games: Mensa Select Award for Zendo[6]
  • 2007 — Origins Award: Best Board Game or Expansion of the Year for Treehouse[9]
  • 2008 — Origins Award: Best Traditional Card Game of the Year for Zombie Fluxx[10]



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