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For the Irish jockey, see Andrew McNamara (jockey). For the American sportscaster, see Andy McNamara.
Andrew McNamara (centre), Hervey Bay Deputy Mayor Mick Kruger (left) and Queensland Deputy Premier Anna Bligh (right) at the Urangan Boat Harbour in May 2007

Andrew Ian McNamara (born 19 August 1959) is an Australian politician. He was a Labor member of the Legislative Assembly of Queensland from 2001 to 2009, representing the district of Hervey Bay. He served as Minister for Sustainability, Climate Change and Innovation from 2007 to 2009, under the premiership of Anna Bligh. Currently, Mr McNamara is the CEO of the Chiropractors' Association of Australia.[citation needed]

Peak oil[edit]

In February 2005, McNamara came to national prominence as the first mainstream Australian politician to speak out on the issue of Peak Oil.[1][2]

McNamara was the Chair of the Queensland Government's Oil Vulnerability Taskforce.[3] The Taskforce report, "Queensland's Vulnerability to Rising Oil Prices," also known as the McNamara Report was commissioned in 2005 and is the first of its kind to be commissioned by any government in the world.[4] McNamara is also the Foundation Patron of the Australian Society for the Study of Peak Oil.

Climate change[edit]

Andrew McNamara was a member of Australia's delegation to the Bali Climate Change Conference in December 2007. McNamara has also established a Climate Change Council with a number of prominent environmentalists and business leaders including Tim Flannery and Ian Lowe.[citation needed]


Andrew McNamara has been a strong opponent of whaling, particularly Japanese whaling in Australian waters.[citation needed]

Hervey Bay[edit]

Andrew McNamara represented the seat of Hervey Bay. Hervey Bay is one of the fastest growing areas in Australia. The area's principal industry is tourism, in particular whale watching.

Seeking a fourth term, McNamara was defeated in the 2009 election by former Hervey Bay Mayor Ted Sorensen.

Significant speeches[edit]


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