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For the Australian footballer, see Andrew Moir (footballer).
Andrew Moir
Andrew Moir at Leith FM.jpg
Andrew Moir during a Leith Tonight Show on Leith FM
Background information
Occupation(s) Journalist and Radio DJ

A journalist, scriptwriter, singer songwriter and former radio show presenter on the community radio station Leith FM.[1] Well known on the Edinburgh airwaves by his distinct sensual voice, colourful introductions and interviewing style on the Leith Tonight show. As a journalist Andrew Moir writes for STV as one of their many online football reporters. He currently is the sites Motherwell man, sharing his views on all aspects of Motherwell Football Club including its team, managers and game plans.[2][3][4] As well as sharing his football expertise, Andrew has a passion for film journalism and is a contributor on the London based website Filmjuice.[5][6][7] His articles are also currently found on the Edinburgh Napier News website.[8][9] As well as this Andrew Moir also writes under the pseudo name "Infotrace" and his blog can be found on the WordPress [10] website under this name. Articles have also been featured on well known websites such as comedy review website Chortle [11]

Moir is currentlty continuing work blogging for various online projects covering a wide range of subjects from travel to fashion as well as maintaining previous online commitments. Moir is also one third of Gazpacho Soup's "The Garbage Podcast" [12] recording weekly reviewing TV show Red Dwarf's latest episodes and also runs his own music review and artist interview formatted podcast "This is the Show".[13] He is also one of the members of the CSICON podcast network's movie-themed podcast, Movieing On.[14]


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