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Andrew Pyper
Born 1968 (age 46–47)
Genre Fiction

Andrew Pyper (born January 4, 1968 in Stratford, Ontario) is a Canadian author.

Early Life: (Childhood and education)[edit]

Pyper’s parents emigrated from Northern Ireland and had 5 children in total, Andrew the youngest. Growing up he found a love for books and hoped to one day write them. As a child Pyper wrote imaginary stories with a magic pencil, it is all he ever wanted to do, but never thought he would make a living off of it. He proceeded to obtain a law degree from the University of Toronto. He has never used his law degree for any cases but has been called to the bar once in 1996. While in school he published short stories in literary magazines, he published quite a few in Quarry and The New Quarterly. After his law degree, Pyper realized he didn’t love law and went on to receive a B.S. and M.A. in English Literature from McGill University. Pyper became a professional writer and is living entirely off of his work. Pyper currently lives in Toronto with his wife Heidi Rittenhouse, who works as a Toronto arts administrator, two children, and their dog (a Jack Russell Terrier). Now that his career is well on its way and his name is getting popular, Andrew Pyper is being said to be the new master of modern horror.


Pyper has written many works in his lifetime, as well as writing he has worked on film projects and helped create a horror anthology television series called The Creeps. Before publishing any works, he worked as a writer in residence or a freelance writer at a few different places. Pyper worked as a writer in residence at Trent University in Peterborough, Ontario and at Berton House in Dawson City in the Yukon. He also worked as a freelance writer at Quill and Quire and has contributed a lot to them over his time there, he started there in 1994. While he was completing his law degree, he spent his free time writing short stories that were published in 1996 in a book titled Kiss Me, which included a total of thirteen stories. This collection was written when Andrew Pyper was 22 years old and mostly focused on facing “firsts” in life. There are stories of the first drug trip, first sex, first love, first moral predicament, and more. The stories are not of coming of age but of reaching out to new experiences and often failing to touch the goal.

After his law degree, Pyper continued on to Trent’s Champlain College where he was named writer-in-residence. While there he worked on his first big success titled Lost Girls, which was multiply translated and sold in many different countries and widely praised. This book is set to have a feature film adaptation, in which Pyper is working with producer Steven Hoban. Lost Girls was Pyper’s first published novel in 1999 by Harper Collins in Canada, Bantam/Doubleday in the U.S. and MacMillan in the U.K. This book did not fit into any one genre of novel, it is a murder mystery, ghost story and a character study all wrapped into one. Pyper believes certain things like narrative voice, careful prose and themes that extend beyond the “What-happens-next” centered plot line qualify a book as literary. Being his first novel Pyper is proud to say it has all of the things he valued and has the factors of fantasy vs. reality, and all the makings of a horror and thriller novel.[1]

Pyper’s second book is titled The Trade Mission and was also multiply translated in places such as the Netherlands and Germany. This novel was published in 2002 in Canada by Harper Flamingo and the U.K. by MacMillan Publishers, and a year later in the U.S by Scribner. This novel after the release of Pyper’s first novel was much anticipated and received great reviews. This novel was later reproduced under the title of Dark Descent in 2004 by Simon and Schuster, it’s still the same book just under a different title.

His Third novel titled The Wildfire season was published in 2005 by Harper Collins in both Canada and the U.K. and by Thomas Dunne Books/ St. Martin’s Press in the U.S. This book is in development to be a feature film with producer Chris Moore. This along with Pyper’s other novels is in the thriller genre but it has a slight twist of an unusually moving love story.

His next novel The Killing Circle, which is Pyper’s fourth book was published in 2008 by Doubleday in Canada, Harper Collins Publishers in the U.K., and Thomas Dunne Books in the U.S. and is also set to have a film adaptation produced by Cowboy Films. As well the killing circle was sold internationally, and multiply translated. This novel looks at the side effects that are becoming apparent in our fame-mad culture, where everything is twisted by ravenous ambition and competition.[2]

This next novel, is Pyper’s fifth titled The Guardians was published in 2011 by Doubleday Canada, and Orion in the U.K. and is also set for a film adaptation. It is a book that looks at what it is to become a man, and to be a man, the forging of male identity, both negative and positive aspects of it, and the many influences on gender.[3]

Pyper’s newest novel The Demonologist was published in Canada and the U.S. in March 2013 by Simon and Schuster, and in the U.K. by Orion.[4] The novel was also published by multiple other corporations in many other places such as Holland, Greece, China, Poland, Turkey and many more. Pyper’s newest novels has had the film rights sold to Universal Pictures for the film adaptation by Oscar-winning director and producer Robert Zemeckis with his company the Image Movers. The Demonologist is a deeply haunting and compelling novel about darkness and demons.[5]

Along with these well-known novels by Andrew Pyper he wrote many short stories, as well as worked on a few books with other authors. Books worked on with other authors are titled, Toronto Noir, and The Dark Side: A Collection of Mysteries and Thrillers. While writing his major novels Andrew Pyper wrote many short stories, including titles such as, Call Roxanne, House of Mirrors, and Camp Sacred Heart. In December 2014 Legendary Pictures sold the Film rights, on the Gothic novel The Damned.[6] It is the second book, who was sold to Legendary Pictures, after the Film rights of supernatural thriller novel The Demonologist.[7]


Pyper’s seven novels have all gotten awards except for his first published work, Kiss Me which was a collection of short stories. His first actual novel Lost Girls received 5 awards. It was selected as a Globe and Mail Notable book selection in 1999, in 2000 it got the title of New York Times Book Review Notable book and as A London Evening Standard Notable Book. Pyper received the Arthur Ellis Award for Best First Novel, and also was Otto Penzler’s pick on On top of those awards and high standings Pyper’s first novel was an international best seller and multiply translated. His second book The Trade Mission although not as popular, was a highly anticipated novel. The only reward received by this book was that it got selected as one of the Top Ten Best Books of the Year by the Toronto Star. The third book written by Pyper, The Wildfire Season, received 4 high standings.[8] It was recognized as a Globe and Mail best book, a Vancouver Sun Best Book, and a Calgary Herald Best book all in 2005 and it was also recognized as a national bestseller. The Killing Circle Pyper’s fourth book received was shortlisted for two awards as well as being placed in some high standings.[9] The Killing Circle was shortlisted for both the 2009 Evergreen Award and the RUSA 2009 Reading List Award. Pyper got the title of New York Times Crime Novel of the Year for this novel and it as well was a National bestseller. The Guardians the fifth book that Pyper published received the title of Globe and Mail Best Book of 2011 as well as Best Book of the Year in the Dutch national newspaper NRC Handlesblad. Pyper’s newest novel The Demonologist, also his sixth novel, but his seventh published work, received more awards and high standings then the rest of his novels. The Demonologist is a Globe and Mail best book of 2013 as well as an amazon Top Ten best of the month pick and one of their twenty best books of the year.[10] It was recognized as one of publisher weekly’s Top Ten Mysteries and Thrillers of spring 2013, and an Indie Next Pick for March 2013 by the American Booksellers Association. It was named Thriller of the Week by Mail on Sunday in the U.K. and also shown as a Book-of-the-month Club Selection. This novel was nominated for the 2013 Libris Awards for Author of the Year and Fiction Book of the Year. It is a National Bestseller and the foreign translation rights were sold in multiple territories including Greece, Holland, Bulgaria, China, Poland, Turkey, and many other places. Finally, The Demonologist is a number 1 best seller in Canada.[11]

Published works[edit]

  • Kiss Me. Erin, Ontario: The Porcupine's Quill. 1996. ISBN 0-88984-181-0.  A collection of short stories published to acclaim. Following its publication, Pyper acted as Writer-in-Residence at Berton House, Dawson City, Yukon, as well as at Champlain College, Trent University.
  • Lost Girls. Toronto: HarperFlamingoCanada. 1999. ISBN 0-00-225502-2.  His first novel, a national bestseller in Canada and a Globe and Mail Notable Book selection in 1999 as well as a Notable Book selection in The New York Times Book Review (2000) and the London Evening Standard (2000). The novel won the Arthur Ellis Award for Best First Novel in 2000.
  • The Trade Mission. Toronto: HarperFlamingoCanada. 2002. ISBN 0-00-200508-5.  Pyper's second novel has been published in Canada, the UK, the US, the Netherlands and Germany. It was selected by The Toronto Star as one of the Ten Best Books of the Year.
  • The Wildfire Season. Toronto: HarperCollinsCanada. 2005. ISBN 0-00-200562-X.  His third novel has been published to acclaim in the UK and Canada, where it was a Best Books of the Year selection by The Globe and Mail. It has since been published in the UK.[1]
  • The Killing Circle. Toronto: Doubleday Canada. 2008. ISBN 0-385-66369-2.  Pyper's fourth novel has been published in the UK, the US and Canada, having been selected as one of the notable crime novels of 2008 by The New York Times.
Andrew Pyper talks about The Guardians on Bookbits radio.
  • The Guardians. Toronto: Doubleday Canada. 2011.  Pyper's fifth novel has been published in Canada as of January 2011, and will be published in the UK (Orion) in February 2011, and following this internationally in various territories.
  • The Demonologist. New York, New York: Simon & Schuster. 2013. ISBN 978-1-4516-9752-0. Pyper's sixth novel.

Other Works[edit]

  o Is helping with the film adaptations for each of his novel that have been signed to a film company
  o TV series The Creeps – Andrew Pyper is the Co-creator 
  o The Dark Side: A collection of Mysteries and Thrillers – worked on with Kathy Reichs, Brad Smith and Robert Pobi published in 2014
  o Toronto Noir – A collection of short stories by various authors including Andrew Pyper published in 2008
  o Paradise Lost by John Milton and Andrew Pyper published in 2012

Short Stories[edit]

  • Sausage Stew: Short Story – Published 2012 by Harper Collins
  • Dime Bag Girl: Short Story – Published 2012 by Harper Collins
  • Call Roxanne: Short Story – Published 2012 by Harper Collins
  • If you Lived Here You’d Be Home By Now: Short Story - Published 2012 by Harper Collins
  • House of Mirrors: Short Story – Published 2012 by Harper Collins
  • The Earliest Memory Exercise: Short Story – Published 2012 by Harper Collins
  • Camp Sacred Heart: Short Story – Published 2012 by Harper Collins 
  • Breaking and Entering: Short Story – Published 2012 by Harper Collins
  • The Author Shows a Little Kindness: Short Story – Published 2012 by Harper Collins
  • Magnificent: Short Story – Published 2012 by Harper Collins
  • 1001 Names and Their Meanings: Short Story – Published 2012 by Harper Collins
  • X-ray: Short Story – Published 2012 by Harper Collins
      o All of these were published as eBooks


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