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Andrew Ranken (born 13 November 1953 in London) is an English drummer, best known as the percussionist for the English-Irish band The Pogues.

Andrew Ranken in Zenith, Munich, 07-06-2011 with the Pogues (Foto: Zuzana Pernicová)

He joined the band in 1983 and appeared on all of their recordings and tours until their breakup in 1996. He went on to join the bands Metropolitan Waterboard and Kippers, fronted by EastEnders actor Paul Bradley. He has performed with The Pogues since their reunion in 2001.

He now lives in Stoke Newington with his family. He has two children, Nell and Daniel. He also sings in Andrew Ranken and Mysterious Wheels and plays the drums for the Recidivists.

He contributed to the music soundtrack of "Macbeth", a Puppet Theatre Barge production, with a drumming improvisation.


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