Andrew Saks

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Andrew Saks
Born 1847
Baltimore, Maryland
Died 1912
New York City
Organization Saks Fifth Avenue

Andrew Saks was an American businessman.

He was born to a German Jewish family, in Baltimore, Maryland, Saks became a peddlar and paper boy who moved to Washington, D.C. to establish a men's clothing store.[1] He established a successful clothing business in 1867, and opened a store in New York on 34th Street in 1902 as Saks & Company. Andrew Saks ran the New York store as a family affair with his brother Isadore, and his sons Horace and William. Saks married Jennie Rohr and had two sons Horace and William Andrew and daughter Leila Saks.[2]

After Andrew died his son Horace merged Saks & Company.[3] with Gimbel Brothers, Inc., in 1923. On September 15, 1924, Horace Saks and Bernard Gimbel opened Saks Fifth Avenue in New York City.

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