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politics and government of
Northern Ireland 1921–72

The Parliament of Northern Ireland was the home rule legislature created under the Government of Ireland Act 1920, which existed from 7 June 1921 to 30 March 1972, when it was suspended. It was subsequently abolished under the Northern Ireland Constitution Act 1973.

The second Government or Executive Committee of the Privy Council of Northern Ireland was led by the Prime Minister John Miller Andrews ruled between 25 November 1940 to 31 April 1943.


Office Member Term
Prime Minister John Miller Andrews 25 November 1940 to 31 April 1943
Minister of Finance for Northern Ireland J. M. Barbour from
Minister of Home Affairs for Northern Ireland Richard Dawson-Bates from
Minister of Education for Northern Ireland J. H. Robb from
Minister of Agriculture for Northern Ireland Herbert Dixon from
Minister of Labour for Northern Ireland John Fawcett Gordon from
Minister of Commerce for Northern Ireland Basil Brooke from
Harry Midgley from 1942



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