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Left image: Japanese Christian remained in Jakarta after Sakoku, circa 1656, by Andries Beeckman. Christianity indicated by the hat.
Right image: The same Japanese appears on the right, in the forefront. The Castle of Batavia by Andries Beeckman, circa 1656.
Olieverfschilderij door Andries Beeckman voorstellende het Kasteel Batavia gezien van Kali Besar west met op de voorgrond de vismarkt (ca 1662), collectie Tropenmuseum

Andries Beeckman (Zutphen - buried 9 August 1664, Amsterdam?[1]) was a Dutch painter of the 17th century. He is especially famous for his paintings of Southeast Asia and Batavia circa 1660.[2]

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  1. ^ According to the his entry at the RKD databases, he was in 1657 known as Andries Beeckman from Zutphen and he is last mentioned as finishing two paintings in Amsterdam in 1663. An Andries Beeckman was buried on August 9, 1664 in the Nieuwe Kerk (Amsterdam) [1]
  2. ^ Between the Middle Ages and modernity by Charles H. Parker p.146