Andronikos II of Trebizond

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Andronikos II Komnenos
Reign 1263–1266
Died 1266
Successor George Komnenos
Father Manuel Megas Komnenos
Mother Anna Xylaloe

Andronikos II Megas Komnenos or Andronicus II (Greek: Ανδρόνικος Β΄ Μέγας Κομνηνός, Andronikos II Megas Komnēnos), (c. 1240 – 1266). Emperor of Trebizond from 1263 to 1266. He was the eldest son of Manuel I of Trebizond by his first wife, Anna Xylaloe, a Trapezuntine noblewoman.[1]

During the three years of his reign Trebizond continued to flourish as a trading center — two merchants from Marseilles were there in 1263 and 1264 carrying a letter of introduction from Charles of Anjou, Count of Provence.[1]

The major event of his reign was the definitive loss of Sinope to the Seljuk Turks under the regency of Mu‘in al-Din Suleyman, also known as the Pervane, in the summer or fall of 1265.[2] The loss of this port to the Turks allowed the latter to compete with the Trapezunites for influence in the Black Sea.

Andronikos was succeeded by his half-brother George.


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Andronikos II of Trebizond
Komnenid dynasty
Born: c. 1240 Died: 1266
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Manuel I
Emperor of Trebizond
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