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For the New Zealand football (soccer) player, see Andrew Barron. For the Canadian ice speed skater, see Andrew Barron (skater).

Andy Barron (January 9, 1983) is a photographer best known for his work with the band Switchfoot, with whom he has worked since 2002 and now tours regularly with. He currently is in charge of video content and photography for the band, and is behind their periodic video podcasts and films, such as Switchfootage.

Barron graduated from Biola University with a B.S. degree in Art/Graphic design, where he worked on the student newspaper and as the Associated Students' graphic designer.[1] He got to know Switchfoot when he shot them for the school paper and then met with Chad Butler afterwards at the In-N-Out near the Biola campus, and Butler wanted to see more of the photos he had taken.[2]

His work has been featured in many publications, including Rolling Stone, USA Today, Paste, Relevant Magazine (cover), Pollstar (cover),,, and many others.[1]


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