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Andy Sheppard (born 1972 Simcoe, Ontario, Canada) is a Canadian broadcaster and musician. He was the host of the defunct CBC Radio 2's nightly jazz program After Hours and currently produces and is a regular guest host of the contemporary music program The Signal for CBC Radio 2.[1]

A graduate of McGill University's music program, Sheppard is also a guitarist, composer, experimental artist, and songwriter. His song "Until Next Time" was named the winner of the 2006 Colleen Peterson Songwriting Award.[2] His song "And The Bells They Rang" was featured in the viral video Shit Girls Say [3] and his piece "The Things You Want (and The Things You Need)" was featured in a promotional film for the Tony Hawk Ride Channel.[4]


  • Eclectic Guitar (1995)
  • Swimming In (1999)
  • Andy Sheppard (2006)
  • Live at SMASH! (2008)
  • Find The Others (2011)


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