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Industry Sex Toys
Massage Devices
Headquarters Houston, Texas, USA
Key people CT Schenk (CEO)

The Aneros Company produces a patented[1] line of hands-free prostate stimulators.


The original Aneros models are molded from a non-porous, FDA approved, plastic acetal.[2] The Progasm is made from polystyrene, the Progasm ICE is made from the plastic Tritan, the VICE is made from medical grade silicone and the Tempo is made from surgical grade stainless steel. The materials are approved for both body and fluid contact. The shape is composed of three primary parts:

  • The head and stem are designed to nuzzle against the prostate. The curves of the stem provide stimulation up and down the anal canal, a surprisingly erogenous area. The head applies the proper amount of pressure on the prostate for an effective prostate massage. The force of this pressure is controlled only by the man's anal-sphincter and PC muscle contractions, never by his hands.
  • The perineum tab provides an external prostate massage by pressing against the perineum, and acts as a pivot point to drive the massaging action of the Aneros inside the rectum. A man experiences both an internal and external prostate massage simultaneously. The continuous stimulation of the prostate and perineum leads to stronger orgasms and possibly the Super-O as well.
  • The handle (all models but the Progasm) is used only to insert and remove the Aneros. (Do not manipulate the Aneros with your hand — it is counter-productive and possibly dangerous or injurious to do so.)
  • The kundalini tab (Progasm only) massages the "kundalini" spot, an accupressure point between the buttocks.

The Evi is made from a rigid body and coated in velvet-touch silicone.


The action of the device upon insertion is highly pleasurable for the user. Many users also report[weasel words] enhanced orgasm through the use of this device.

The device has no recognized or approved medical use.


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