Ang Tatlong Hambog

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Ang Tatlong Hambog
Directed by Jose Nepomuceno
Release dates
  • 1926 (1926)
Country Philippines
Language Silent

Ang Tatlong Hambog or Tatlong Hambog (also known as The Arrogant Three or Three Beggars) is a 1926 Filipino silent romantic comedy film which was produced by Jose Nepomuceno during the pre-war era of Philippine cinema. It is a romantic comedy starring Isabel Rosario (Elizabeth) "Dimples" Cooper,[1] a vaudeville actress, and Luis Tuason, a race car sportsman. The film was considered controversial because it was the first in the history of Philippine movies to show a lips-to-lips kiss onscreen.[2][3]


  • Luis Tuason
  • Dimples Cooper


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