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Angel-A Poster.jpg
Directed by Luc Besson
Produced by Luc Besson
Written by Luc Besson
Starring Jamel Debbouze
Rie Rasmussen
Gilbert Melki
Serge Riaboukine
Music by Anja Garbarek
Cinematography Thierry Arbogast
Edited by Frédéric Thoraval
Distributed by EuropaCorp
Release dates
  • December 21, 2005 (2005-12-21)
Running time 90 minutes
Country France
Language French

Angel-A, directed by Luc Besson, is a 2005 French fantasy and romantic drama film featuring Jamel Debbouze and Rie Rasmussen. The film premiered in the United States at the 2007 Sundance Film Festival.


Andre (Debbouze) has just returned to Paris in the hope of making some easy money, give up his life of petty crime, and start his life over as an honest man in America. In Paris for only a few hours, Andre finds himself dangling high over the edge of the Eiffel Tower, begging for his life from a man he hoped never to see again. With his underworld dealings catching up to him, Andre is given 24 hours to find 20,000 Euro to pay off his debts and save his life. Frantically trying to find ways to avoid certain death, Andre turns to the police begging them to place him safely behind bars for a couple of nights. They laugh at his pathetic attempt and throw him to the streets. Andre is left with nowhere to turn and with his deadline fast approaching, he despairingly climbs onto the ledge of a bridge and gathers the resolve to jump into the river. But, he is not alone. Beside him, a beautiful and mysterious woman (Rasmussen) is a moment away from throwing herself into the Seine. Despite Andre’s attempts to persuade the woman to climb back over the railing, she lets go and jumps into the water. A split second later, he too jumps into the water.

With much effort, he hauls her limp, soaked body to the shore and tries to coax her back to life. Sitting alone on the quay with a seemingly lifeless woman in his arms and hitmen on his tail, Andre desperately hopes for a miracle. About to give up on the mysterious woman, Andre is relieved when she finally opens her eyes. Her name is Angela. As a thanks for being saved, Angela pledges her life to Andre, doing anything and everything she can to help him. Confused as to why such a gorgeous woman should want to help him, Andre is skeptical. Only when she delivers the money he so desperately needs does he begin to trust her and agree to accept her help. Although Angela helps him to get the money he needs, Andre begins to think she may have an ulterior motive. Why else would such a beautiful woman help someone like him? Angela is not just helping Andre to find money, she is also helping him to find the courage to see the good deep inside himself and, for the first time, he actually believes there might be some good to be found. Andre, who has never been a hero, must believe he can stand up for himself in order to convince Angela, with whom he has fallen madly in love, to give up everything to be with him.

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