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Angela "Ange" Pulvirenti
Born Queensland, Australia

Angela "Ange" Pulvirenti is an Australian writer, television presenter, producer and media personality. In 2005, she was the producer and host of the entertainment interview show "Backstage Pass",[1][2] and continues to be involved in Australian radio with recent appearances on 2UE and 4MMM.



James Manning, MediaWeek Editor in Chief, described Pulvirenti as "one of the best-kept secrets at the Nine Network".[3]

Pulvirenti began working in the media for the Seven Network Queensland.[3] Prior to launching her television career, Pulvirenti created and produced ads in Cairns in northern Queensland.[3] The production team from Cairns also helped Pulvirenti to film the pilot for her own show called "Out of the Blue",[3] which was about people swapping careers.

In 1999 with her first television pilot, Pulvirenti moved to Sydney hoping to break into the television industry.[3]

From 1999 to 2001, Pulvirenti established her career in production with the Seven Network, writing and producing comedy segments for children's television, Saturday Disney and segment producing for a daily music program AMV.[4][3]

In 2008, Pulvirenti was field producer for the second series of "Uncorked with Stuart MacGill".[5]

Backstage Pass[edit]

Backstage Pass is a celebrity interview program created, produced and hosted by Pulvirenti from 2003 until 2007. Throughout 2005 and 2006, the show existed as a weekly half-hour television show on Saturday mornings on the Nine Network. It was also featured on Qantas domestic and international television from 2001 until 2006, and repackaged as a national radio program appearing on Nova.[6]

The television show involved Pulvirenti travelling extensively around the world to interview celebrities, and the behind the scenes antics from these were used to write her weekly newspaper column called "Confessions of a Celebrity Interviewer".[7] (reference from newspaper needed).


On Australian radio, Pulvirenti has had guest appearances on Sydney's commercial station 2UE and Brisbane's 4MMM with her packages produced from Backstage Pass broadcast on DMG Radio Australia's Nova[8] in 2006.


For three years beginning in 2001, Pulvirenti was a features writer and columnist for the The Daily Telegraph Sunday Magazine interviewing international celebrities including Danielle Spencer,[9]Hugh Jackman,[10] Christina Aguilera,[11] Natalie Imbruglia[12] and Kylie Minogue.[13] She has also worked with top Australian artists including Kasey Chambers.[14]

In 2005, Pulvirenti began writing a sex, life and relationships column for the Sunday Herald Sun.

In 2008, Pulvirenti wrote a column for a Queensland Newspaper called "Confessions of a celebrity interviewer".


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