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For uses of Angel dust, see Angel dust (disambiguation).
Origin New York City, New York
Genres Industrial rock, electronic rock, gothic rock, electronica
Years active 1995–1998
Associated acts Circle of Dust, Celldweller, Angel (rock band)
Members Criss Angel
Klay Scott

Angeldust was an American Industrial music/magic band project from New York City formed by Klay Scott and Criss Angel in 1995. The band only released one album, Musical Conjurings from World of Illusions in 1998, under the name Angeldust and three more albums in 2000 under Criss Angel's name.


Magician Criss Angel was looking for a musician to produce and program his music. He turned his eyes to Circle of Dust frontman Klay Scott. While Scott was on tour, Angel called him asking him to help in his "rock and roll thing", as said by Scott in an interview. Scott took the job because he had financial problems. Over time, Scott and Angel became very good friends.

"We shared the same vision, musically and visually and realized that our strength as a team was much greater than either of us apart." - Klay Scott, HM Magazine interview[1]

The name of the band, Angeldust, was a combination of Criss Angel's name and Circle of Dust, Scott's other industrial music project.

Live show[edit]

A show took place at Madison Square Garden. Klay Scott commented that it was a combination of The Crow and The Terminator but with illusions, a live band, avant-garde characters that roam the landscape, robotic lighting, television monitors and projectors, performance art pieces and more. During the magical segments, Klayton is often portraying the villain who is out to make Criss Angel do the most impossible magic. During the show, a live band would play alongside with Klayton and Criss Angel playing the music they wrote.

Angeldust's music would later be used as the soundtrack for Criss Angel's television show Mindfreak.


Despite their departure and not having seen each other for years, Criss Angel would later make amends with Klay (now known as Klayton from Celldweller). Criss asked Klayton to help collaborate on the Mindfreak soundtrack. Criss and Klayton rearranged the Mindfreak theme by turning it into a full song, unlike the Jonathan Davis-produced version which was recorded only as a 60-second sample for the first season's opening. Klayton re-produced and re-engineered the song (adding some of his signature Celldweller sounds). A music video featured both artists.


Studio releases[edit]