Anglican Diocese of Harare

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The Anglican Diocese of Mashonaland was formed in 1891[1] and its first bishop was George Knight-Bruce.[2][3] He was then succeeded by William Gaul (1895–1907), formerly Rector of St Cyprian's Church in Kimberley. Small in stature, Gaul styled himself “the smallest bishop with the largest Diocese in Christendom.”[4] In 1915 the diocese became the “Diocese of Southern Rhodesia” [5] until 1952 when it reverted to the “Diocese of Mashonaland". Now known as the “Diocese of Harare and Mashonaland” it has experienced great turbulence in recent times.[6]


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In December 1907 E.N.Powell DD became bishop. He had been Vicar of St Saviour's Upton Park (from the inscription of a Pectoral Cross presented to him by the Parish)The current bishop of the Diocese of Harare is Chad Nicholas Gandiya