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Anglicare Australia is a peak social advocacy organisation that brings together over 40 individual member agencies from around Australia, and seeks to engage with all Australians to build communities of resilience, hope and justice. It is joined in this work by associate members in New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and Singapore.

Anglicare members are independent organisations that provide social services in their respective communities. They choose to come together as part of the Anglicare network, to strengthen their effort in responding to the multiple and complex needs of people and families across Australia, to match local presence to national strength and ultimately to bring positive change in Australia.

Anglicare Australia, as a faith-based organisations, respects the inherent potential of every person. It advocates at a national level and speaks out, especially for those most disadvantaged in the community. It does so through partnership and collaboration with network members across Australia, with special focus on using research and evidence to influence social policies.

State of the Family Report[edit]

Anglicare Australia has been publishing an annual State of the Family Report each year since 2000.

  • When there’s not enough to eat (2012), 2 volumes[1][2][3]
  • Staying Power (2011)[4]
  • In From the Edge (2010)[5]
  • Beyond Economics - families in the forefront (2009)[6][7][8]
  • Creative Tension: Australia's Social Inclusion Agenda (2008)[9]
  • Not produced 2007
  • Life on a Low Income (2006)[10]
  • What do Australian Families look like today? (2005)[11]
  • Missing out: Youth in Australia today, Mark Jeffery, (2004)[12]
  • Children growing up in Poverty, Dr Ann Neville, (2003)[13]
  • Unemployment and Poverty, Dr Ann Nevile, (2002)[14]
  • Economic and Social Exclusion, Dr Ann Nevile, (2001)[15]
  • Families as Carers - Families fighting - Economic state of Families, Dr Ann Nevile (2000)

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