Anglo-Belgian Memorial (Brussels)

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Anglo-Belgian Memorial
(Dutch) Brits Oorlogsmonument
(French) Monument Britannique
Poelaertplein, Brussels, Belgium
Brussel, Poelaertplein-PM 57659.jpg
For the Belgian People
who helped British soldiers in World War I
Unveiled 1923
Location 50°50′15″N 4°21′13″E / 50.837611°N 4.353501°E / 50.837611; 4.353501Coordinates: 50°50′15″N 4°21′13″E / 50.837611°N 4.353501°E / 50.837611; 4.353501
near Brussels, Belgium
Designed by Charles Sargeant Jagger

The Anglo-Belgian War Memorial is a monument in Brussels, Belgium, which was commissioned by the British Imperial War Graves Commission and designed by the British sculptor Charles Sargeant Jagger (1885–1934). It is also known as the Brits Oorlogsmonument in Dutch and the Monument Britannique in French.

Unveiled in 1923 by the Prince of Wales, it commemorates the support given by the Belgian People to British Prisoners of War during the First World War .[1] It is located in Place Poelaert / Poelaertplein in Brussels near the Belgian infantry memorial.

The monument depicts a British and a Belgian soldier carved from Brainvilliers stone. Around the sides are reliefs showing Belgian peasants assisting wounded British soldiers. Casts of the reliefs are held at the Imperial War Museum, London, and a plaster cast of the Belgian soldier is held in the Army Museum in Brussels .[2]

Another Anglo-Belgian War Memorial stands on the Victoria Embankment in London. Completed in 1920, it's the work of British architect Sir Reginald Blomfield and Belgian sculptor Victor Rousseau.

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