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The Anglo-Chinese School (ACS) is a school in Malacca, Malaysia, founded by the Rev. C. C. Underhill, its principal, in 1910 at a house in Tun Tan Cheng Lock Road. It had seven students at that time.

In 1911, ACS moved to a building at the junction of Tun Tan Cheng Lock Road and Tranquerah Road. In the same year, due to a dwindling student count, the Methodist Church Organisation considered closing the school after its Principal Mr. Buell left.

1917 - 1920[edit]

Rev. William Edward Horley engaged Mr. P. T. Robinson from the Methodist Boys School Kuala Lumpur to be the Principal. Mr Robinson reopened ACS at the Methodist Church building at the junction of Kubu Road and Jonker Street with 60 students. Due to the lack of interest in an English education, the number of students decreased. Mr Robinson lost hope and informed the students that they will be given 3 months holiday. He then went back to Kuala Lumpur.


The Rev. W. E. Horley did not lose hope. He appointed Mr. J. A. P. Oswald as the Principal in 1919, who revamped the school administration. The student population increased to 160 and new teachers from Telok Anson, Ipoh and Kuala Lumpur were brought to ACS. At that time ACS was in two rented shophouses close to Yok Bin Chinese School at Kubu Road.

1920 - 1926[edit]

In 1922, Rev. M Dodsworth built a hostel at Tranquerah Road for students from out of town, especially Malay students. In 1924, 10 students sat for the Junior Cambridge exam and the following year the Senior Cambridge Exam. Their results were very encouraging - more than 80% passes. In 1930, Dr. Ho Seng Ong became the principal of ACS. He introduced the school magazine, the school badge and the school uniform.

1926 - 1941[edit]

Dr. Ho Seng Ong launched a campaign to collect donations for constructing a large building because of the rising student population.The building was completed in 1941 and was officially opened by Sir Shenton Thomas in November 1941. Two months later the Japanese occupied Malacca and the ACS building was used as a Training Centre for the Japanese Navy. In August 1945 the Japanese surrendered and in September Dr. Ho Seng Ong returned to reorganise ACS. In 1946, En. Goh Choon Lim replaced Dr. Ho Seng Ong. He continued the restoration of ACS's organisation. With a grant from the Methodist Church and the Education Department, the teachers and students of ACS together cooperated in "Operation Cangkul" to restore ACS to its condition before the war.

In 1949 Mr. Goh Choon Lim was replaced by C. E. Shumaker. In that year, the car park was converted into three classrooms, and the drawing room and library into another three classrooms.

In 1951, the school canteen was converted into three classrooms.

In 1956, a building for use as a vocational workshop was constructed. In July 1957, ACS was divided into ACS Secondary School and ACS Primary School. Mr. Yong Fu Kong was appointed as Acting Headmaster.

In 1960 three Science Labs were constructed. Mr. Foong Ah Yong who became the Principal in Jun 1970 constructed a tennis court and repaired the school canteen. He also introduced the Dewey system for the school library.

In 1975, for the first time, there was afternoon session for Form 1 and Remove class.

In 1983, Mr. Cheong Teng Wan replaced Mr. K. O. Chandy as Principal of ACS. In 1984 the school compound was fenced up. In July 1989, an additional building was constructed and completed at the end of October 1989. Mr. Cheong Teng Wan was transferred to Perak on February 1993. His replacement was Mr. Alex Lim Yang Juay. Mr. Alex Lim went on retirement on May 1994 and his replacement was Mr. Siow Mung Ling who retired on April 1998. His replacement was Mr Yoong Yee Seng