Anglo-Chinese School (Junior)

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Anglo-Chinese School (Junior)
英华小学 (yīng huá xiǎo xué)
Winstedt Road,
Type Government-Aided
Motto The Best Is Yet To Be
Established 1951 (March 1, 1886 original ACS)
Session Single
School code 5001
Principal Mrs Kathryn Koh
Enrolment 1,550-1,600 currently
Colour(s) Red, Blue, Gold/Yellow

Anglo-Chinese School (Junior) is one of the two ACS primary schools in Singapore. Originally located at the Barker Road campus along with the original Anglo-Chinese Secondary School, it moved to its premises at 25 Peck Hay Road in 1985, leaving the Anglo-Chinese Secondary School (later Anglo-Chinese School Barker) in Barker Road. In December 2008, Anglo-Chinese School (Junior) moved to its current premises at 16 Winstedt Road where Monk's Hill Secondary School used to be. Its current principal is Mrs Kathryn Koh.

Anglo-Chinese School (Junior) as seen from Cairnhill Road before moving to the new campus at Winstedt Road. The building is also home to Cairnhill Methodist Church.

Anglo-Chinese School (Junior) is one of the two ACS primary schools in Singapore. Established in 1951 at the old Coleman Street campus, it moved to its previous premises at 25 Peck Hay Road in 1985. In December 2008, it moved to its current premises at 16 Winstedt Road where Monk's Hill Secondary School used to be. Its current principal is Mrs Kathryn Koh.

Its students sit for the local PSLE in Primary 6 and have the option to move on to the ACS Secondary Schools with affiliation favours.

Founder Of ACS[edit]

ACS was founded by Sir Bishop Oldham. It was a small school teaching less than 20 children. But thanks to many generous donations of huge sums from well known people like Mr Thoburn, Mr Tan Kak Kee and a few others, the school rapidly expanded .


Students in Primary 4 or higher are required to take at least one co-curricular activity (CCA). Said CCAs include the Art Club, JMedia Club, Junior Vibez, the Concert Band, the Boys Brigade, the Cadet Scouts, Tennis and Soccer.

Thoburn Classes[edit]

The Thoburn Class is a program similar to the Sophia Blackmore program in the Methodist Girl School. To get into the Thoburn class, students must be in the gifted stream. After passing round 1 and round 2, students will be admitted into the Thoburn class the following year.

Weekly Programs[edit]

There are many programs that go on weekly such as FUN(find your niche) Friday, Talent Tuesday,Record Breaking Thursday.

During Talent Tuesday, the students can do anything to their talent before assembly, in the school shaw auditorum.(conducted by teachers) Showcase Friday brings about innovation in the students, anyone can Busk for money, any way, anyhow.

The programs are not really active now as the school has changed their style of assembly. Showcase Friday now rarely happens.


The ACS (Junior) Campus located at 16 Winstedt Road has a total of 50 classrooms. 16 classrooms are air-conditioned to provide for better learning conditions. The campus has two halls: a multi-purpose hall(MPH) and a performing arts hall(PAH). The school also has a field, a fitness corner, a playground, an outdoor tennis court and an indoor sports hall. The campus also has three computer laboratories where the teachers can take the students to as supplement to their lessons. There are two music rooms just outside the main teaching block. A small AVA room is located near the music rooms for prayer meetings or other activities.

ACS (Junior) follows the homeroom system, where students are based in a classroom and the teachers move from class to class.

Prefectorial Board[edit]

The prefectorial board is elected by the teaching and administration staff every year and are formally appointed during an annual Prefects' Investiture. The Prefectorial Board is made up by members of the Council, Primary 5 & 6 prefects as well as Primary 4 junior prefects.

Odyssey Of The Mind[edit]

Odyssey of the Mind is the biggest non-curricular activity that has been going on in the school. Every year since 2003, the school sends numerous teams to compete in 5 different problems at national standard. If they get through, they will compete at a university in the USA for the world champion's title, the top 10 title and the prestigious Ranatra Fusca Creativity award. The world champion's title was clinched in 2007 and 2011 and the Ranatra Fusca award was clinched by the 2003 pioneer team.

All 7 members of the teams have to do the props, skit, vehicle and balsa structure by themselves. This way, the students learn more as they have to think of the solution themselves. All the coaches, parents and teachers abide the Odyssey of the Mind rules of 'no telling, only hinting'.

Occasionally, there is some mentoring from their seniors who visit them frequently. Their seniors mostly come from ACS (Independent). This act of very strong brotherliness was initiated in 2008, between ACS (Ind), ACS (Junior) and ACJC.

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