Anglo-Hanseatic War

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The Anglo-Hanseatic War was a conflict fought between England and the Hanseatic League, led by the cities of Danzig (Gdańsk) and Lübeck, that lasted from 1470 to 1474. Causes of the war include increasing English pressure against the trade of the Hanseatic cities on the southern coast of the Baltic Sea.

The war was fought mainly by the use of the naval strategy of commerce raiding in the North Sea and the English Channel. One of the most successful man of war ships was the Peter von Danzig under Paul Beneke. The city of Cologne opposed the war and was temporarily excluded from the Hansa for this. The war concluded with the Treaty of Utrecht in 1474 which granted the Hanseatic League ownership of the Steelyard of London. It virtually halted English trade with Germany and the Baltic region.[1]

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