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Angola Cables is an Angolan telecommunications operator of fiber optic telecommunication cables.

The company was formed in 2009 and is owned by the major national telecommunication companies, namely Angola Telecom with 51% of the capital, Unitel with 31%, MSTelcom with 9%, Movicel with 6%, and Mundo Startel with 3%. Its director is António Nunes. Feliciano António, the director of Angola Telecom, is the president of Angola Telecom's general assembly.[1]

Angola Telecom is one of twelve companies composing the WACS consortium.[2]

Angola Cable's landing station, built for 650 Million USD for the WACS cable at Sangano, about 15 kilometer north of the Cabo Ledo, 120 km south of Angola's capital Luanda was inaugurated on June 29, 2012. [1] For this inauguration, Angolan musician Bonga, located in Lisbon, Portugal, performed together with a band located at the landing station, several songs, linked via the undersea cable.[1]

On Friday, 23 March 2012, the president of Angola Cables, António Nunes and the president of Telebrás, Caio Bonilha, signed a deal to construct a cable called South Atlantic Cable System (SACS) of about 6000 km length linking Fortaleza in Brazil with the Angolan capital Luanda.[3][4] This cable is planned to be operational for transmissions from the 2014 world football championship in Brazil.

There are 11 million mobile phones registered in Angola, about 200'000 fixed lines, and nearly a million Internet users, said Antonio Nunes at the inauguration[1]

The landing station for the older Sat3 sea cable, located at Cacuaco in Luanda, is operated by Angola Telecom.[5]

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