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Angry Birds Seasons
Angry Birds Seasons.png
Icon for the Ham Dunk update
Developer(s) Rovio Entertainment
Publisher(s) Rovio Entertainment
Series Angry Birds
Engine Box2D
Platform(s) iOS, Android, Symbian, webOS, Microsoft Windows, OS X, Windows Phone, BlackBerry 10, BlackBerry Tablet OS
Release date(s) October 21, 2010[1]
Genre(s) Puzzle
Mode(s) Single-player

Angry Birds Seasons is the second puzzle video game in the Angry Birds series, developed by Rovio Entertainment. Based on the wildly successful Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons was released for devices using Apple's iOS in October 2010. Ports to other devices were developed soon after.


Just as in the original Angry Birds, players use a slingshot to launch an assortment of birds at nearby structures, with the intent of hitting targets located on or within them. The main targets are the pigs, and they can be defeated if directly fired at, or through other strategies, e.g.: the bird hits a structure that falls on the pig, defeating it. Small sized pigs are weak and easily defeated, while bigger pigs can sustain more damage.


Season one started in October 2010, when Rovio released a Halloween edition.[1] Angry Birds Halloween, exclusive to iOS at the time and a separate game, included levels with Halloween-themed music and graphics.[1] In December 2010, Rovio released Angry Birds Seasons to iOS, Android and Symbian 3 devices.[2][3] Seasons introduced 25 Christmas-themed levels, one for each day leading to the holiday, similar to an Advent calendar.[2][3] All versions include the previously-exclusive Halloween levels and are offered as separate, stand-alone paid applications, with the exception of the free, ad-supported Android version;[4] Angry Birds Halloween users on iOS received the Seasons levels as a free upgrade.[2] The Halloween version was given the episode title "Trick or Treat", while the Christmas episode was entitled "Season's Greedings". In February 2011, Rovio released a new Valentine's Day update to Angry Birds Seasons, entitled "Hogs and Kisses", complete with new themed levels and graphics, as well as the option to send Angry Birds-themed Valentine's Day messages through Facebook.[5] In March 2011, Rovio released a new St. Patrick's Day update, entitled "Go Green, Get Lucky",[6] followed by an Easter update, entitled "Easter Eggs", in April 2011[7] and a summer update, "Summer Pignic", in June 2011.[8] In September 2011, "Mooncake Festival" was released in conjunction with the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival.[9]

Season two starting in October 2011 when "Ham'O'Ween" was released and introduced a new orange bird, known as Bubbles.[10] In December 2011, "Wreck the Halls" was released with 25 Christmas-theme levels also arranged in an Advent calendar setting. In January 2012, "Year of the Dragon" was released for Angry Birds Seasons about Lunar New Year. It features the replacement of the Mighty Eagle, the Mighty Dragon, that loops out the structures and defeats all the pigs; it is free to use. A Japanese Cherry Blossom season was announced on February 28, 2012 with a release date on March 7, 2012. In June 2012, Angry Birds Seasons added their twelfth season, Piglantis.[11] It was launched on June 14, and is the second summer based episode (the first episode being Summer Pignic). The main new feature in Angry Birds Piglantis[12] is fluid physics: the birds, wood, and glass are buoyant in the water levels; however, the pigs and stone are too heavy to rise to the surface and sink down until they are defeated. In August 2012, another level pack -- "Back to School"—was added. The level pack features a new pink bird, known as Stella.

Season three started in October 2012 when Haunted Hogs was released and was a 3rd Halloween episode in the series. It added ghost blocks, which is visible to all items except the birds and the pigs (unless they're inside them). On December 1, Winter Wonderham was released and was the 3rd Christmas episode in the series. Like the other Christmas episodes, it is setup as advent calendar. It introduced slippery blue ice, that makes wood, ice, stone, birds and pigs slip on contact. In May 2013, Abra-Ca-Bacon (based on World Circus Day) was released; it has a magician theme and features magic portals, which can teleport materials, birds, or pigs from one portal to another. Season 3 or Season 2013 is currently the shortest episode in Seasons, with just three episodes and 104 levels.

Season four started in November 2013 when Arctic Eggspedition was released, the 4th Christmas episode, and it is once again set up as an advent calendar with one level unlocked per day or all unlocked with an in-app purchase. The season continued in July 2014 with South Hamrica and Pig Days, an episode that has weekly unlocked levels. As of October 9, 2014, the game has been updated with "Ham Dunk", in celebration of the NBA Championships. Rovio revealed on Twitter an image unveiling a (possibly) new episode named On Finn Ice, celebraiting Christmas on December 1st.


Season 1 (2011)[edit]

# Level pack Season Based Upon Levels Release date Special Features
1 Trick or Treat Halloween 45 October 21, 2010 Pumpkins
2 Season's Greedings Christmas 25 December 1, 2010 Snow Blocks, Christmas Decorations
3 Hogs and Kisses Valentines 18 February 8, 2011 Heart-shaped box of chocolates
4 Go Green, Get Lucky St. Patrick's Day 18 March 10, 2011 Gold items, Leprechaun Hats
5 Easter Eggs Easter 18 April 20, 2011 Easter Eggs
6 Summer Pignic Summer 30 June 22, 2011 Fruits, Picnic Items
7 Moon Festival Moon Festival 33 September 2, 2011 Mooncakes, Lucky Charms

Season 2 (2012)[edit]

# Level pack Season Based Upon Levels Release date Special Features
1 Ham'o'ween Halloween 30 October 21, 2011 Bubbles (Bird), Explosive Pumpkins
2 Wreck the Halls Christmas 25 December 1, 2011 Cookies
3 Year of the Dragon Chinese New Year (Year of the Dragon) 15 January 29, 2012 Mighty Dragon (Mighty Eagle's 1st Replacement), Fireworks
4 Cherry Blossom Cherry Blossom 15 March 7, 2012 Flowers
5 Piglantis Summer 30 June 14, 2012 Fluid Physics
6 Back to School Back to School 20 August 16, 2012 Stella, School Items

Season 3 (2013)[edit]

# Level pack Season Based Upon Levels Release date Special Items
1 Haunted Hogs Halloween 30 October 23, 2012 Ghost Blocks, Scarecrow Pigs
2 Winter Wonderham Christmas 25 December 1, 2012 Ice, Northern Lights Background
3 Abra-Ca-Bacon World Circus Day 30 May 16, 2013 Portals, Allaka-Bam Power-Up

Season 4 (2014)[edit]

# Level pack Season Based Upon Levels Release date Special items
1 Arctic Eggspedition Christmas 25 November 29, 2013 Icy Waters, Explosive Stoves
2 South Hamerica Independence Day 24 July 3, 2014 Artifacts, Statues
3 Ham Dunk NBA Championship 15 (+30 via In-App Purchase) October 9, 2014 NBA, Basketball Courts, Mighty Spalding Ball (Mighty Eagle's 2nd Replacement)
P Pig Days Various special events from around the world 15 July 3, 2014 Themed weekly levels


The reception of Angry Birds Seasons has been positive. Tracy Erickson of Pocket Gamer said about the Halloween update, "The difficulty is steeper than in the original Angry Birds, which is likely an intentional consideration for those well-versed in the first game. This doesn't make Angry Birds Halloween unapproachable, but it does result in an undesirable increase in trial-and-error gameplay. Without the experience of playing the original, you can anticipate having to replay a lot of stages." He further mentioned, "Of course, these structural issues don't detract from what remains an entertaining game. Angry Birds Halloween is pleasantly more of the same, though you're best served by playing the original before tackling this holiday treat.[13]" Sarah Jacobsson of Macworld said about the Christmas update, "Unlike the original Angry Birds and Angry Birds Halloween,[14] the Season’s Greetings track does not start out with a laughably easy level—after all, you only get one level a day, and Rovio wants to make you work for it." She further wrote, "Angry Birds Seasons brings fun, Christmas spirit to the most popular iOS game of the year. With the included Halloween track, you get a total of 69 challenging levels—definitely worth $0.99 (Angry Birds Seasons HD is $1.99).[15]" Abigail Holden of Lazygamer rated the game 8.5/10, saying, "Whether you’re new to Angry Birds or you've enjoyed the game on other platforms, Angry Birds Seasons for PC is worth to look at.[16]


At the 2012 Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles, California, Rovio and distribution partner Activision announced plans to bring Angry Birds Seasons, along with the original Angry Birds and Angry Birds Rio, to the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo 3DS systems.[17] Bundled together as Angry Birds Trilogy, the games will be built specifically for their respective consoles, taking advantage of their unique features, such as support for PlayStation Move, Kinect, high-definition displays and glasses-free 3D visuals.[17]

It is also available for Wii and Wii U as part of Angry Birds Trilogy.

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