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OJSC «Angstrem»
ОАО «Ангстрем»
Type Open Joint Stock Company
Industry Electronics
Founded 1963
Headquarters Zelenograd, Moscow, Russia
Key people Alexander Stanislavovich Dovnar (General Director)
Products Integrated circuits
Revenue Increase 1987 bn roubles (2011)
Net income Increase 19,866 bn rub. (2011)
Employees 1571 (2011)

Angstrem Group (Russian: ОАО «Ангстрем», named after angstrom) is a group of Russian companies, one of the largest manufacturers of integrated circuits in Eastern Europe.[1]

The group includes:

  • OAO Angstrem (the parent company, design, and manufacturing of electronic products and semiconductors);
  • OAO Angstrem-M (custom design of integrated circuits, staff training);
  • OAO Angstrem-T (under-construction plant with 130-90 nm topology);
  • OAO Angstrem-2M
  • NGO Angstrem
  • OAO Antek

Soviet Era[edit]

Angstrem was founded on June 25, 1963 as NII-336 (Research Institute-336). It was later reorganized into Research Institute of Fine Technology (Russian: НИИ точной технологии, NII tochnoy tekhnologii, NIITT) and "Angstrem" Factory as part of Scientific Production Association "Science Center".

The company, along with "Mikron" (Moscow, Zelenograd) and "Integral" (Belarus, Minsk), was the main manufacturer of integrated circuits in the Soviet Union.

In 1981 Angstrem was awarded the Order of the October Revolution.


In 1993 NIITT and "Angstrem" Factory were privatized as a single company "Angstrem". Later "Angstrem-M" and "Angstrem-T" were separated into subsidiaries.

The Angstrem-T subsidiary entered into a joint venture with the German company Meissner & Wurst Zander (link in German) to produce ICs designed for the production of integrated circuits with topological 0.18 µm. Total investment in the construction of this amounted to about $100 million. However, an additional investment of approximately $100–130 million was invested in the company, primarily for a clean room.

Sergei Veremeyenko acquired control of the three companies in 2004. In June 2008, these companies were transferred to a management company OOO Group Angstrem.[2] In early 2009 and 50% shares of Angstrem and JSC Angstrem-M owned JSC Coal Trade and JSC "Finance Contract Group controlled by Sergei Veremeyenko", 25% - belongs through the Ruselectronics holding company to the State Corporation Rostec and Russian Federation, 11% - the concern Sitronics, 14% - to minority shareholders.[3] In turn, 100% of the shares of "Angstrem-T" belongs to the companies of "Angstrem" and JSC "Angstrem-M".[4]

Angstrem signed an agreement with Meissner & Wurst Zander March 2006 at a Stuttgart meeting for 2 million euros out of the total contract value of 600 million euros. Of this amount, €100 million are government guarantees. These funds will be used to build production capacity to 180,000 wafers with chips per year.[citation needed] The company plans to start production of microchips on 0.18 µm technology by 2008.

In August 2009, it was reported that Veremeyenko planned to transfer its stake in OAO "Angstrem", JSC "Angstrem-M", "Renaissance Capital", Federal Property Management Agency and Management "Angstrem" in exchange for a promissory note debt, which is estimated at 200 million rubles.[3]

Current prospects[edit]

In June 2012, JSC "Russian electronics" increased its stake in OAO "Angstrem" up to 31%.[5]


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