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Angus Sampson
Born 1979

Angus Murray Lincoln Sampson (born 1979) is an Australian actor, voice-over artist, director and writer based in Los Angeles and Melbourne.

Early life[edit]

Sampson was born in Sydney, Australia. A former ward of the state and award winning breakdancer, he was educated at the Trinity Grammar School in Sydney prior to winning a place at The Armidale School in northern New South Wales. He graduated from the AWARD School in 2002.[1][2]



Sampson has had film roles in Summer Coda,[3][4][5] Darkness Falls,[6] Razor Eaters,[7] Kokoda,[6] You and Your Stupid Mate[8][9][10] and Footy Legends.[6] He was the suit actor for the role of Bull[6] in Spike Jonze's Where The Wild Things Are.[11]

Sampson was a guest juror at the 2006 Melbourne International Film Festival,[2] and host of the 2010 IF Awards, broadcast on SBS TV.[12]

In 2010 Sampson helped his friend Leigh Whannell develop an Australian "paranormal chiller" called Insidious.[13][14] Saw horror-writer Whannell,[15] and Sampson are both former Recovery presenters. Insidious (previously called Vultures)[2][16] was released in September 2010 with Whannell and Sampson playing "comical low-tech paranormal investigators" Specks and Tucker.[13]


Sampson's acting career launched in 1996 with role as Dylan Lewis's hooded sidekick "The Enforcer" on Recovery,[1][6] an ABC youth music show. Later television jobs include roles on The Secret Life of Us, The 10:30 Slot,[6] He also appeared as Effie's cousin Dimi in Greeks on the Roof,[17] and as Ali in an episode of Stingers.[18]

Sampson has been a contestant eleven times on the improvised Thank God You're Here (Series: 1, 2, 3, & 4),[6] winning Series 1.[citation needed]

In 2007, Sampson portrayed television personality Ugly Dave Gray in the television movie The King[6] which examines the life of Australian TV legend Graham Kennedy. In the same year he also appeared in Wilfred.[6][19] In 2008 he played Leonardo da Vinci in the children's television series Time Trackers.[19] Sampson portrayed Michael Thorneycroft in the three final episodes of Underbelly,[6][19] the series based on Melbourne's gangland war, 1995–2004.

In 2012, he teamed up with Toby Schmitz reaching the semi-finals in Season 1 of the hilariously confusing Australian word game Randling, hosted by Andrew Denton on ABC1.


Sampson was an occasional co-host of Australian radio show Get This with Tony Martin on Triple M.[20] Sampson was a founding member of The Forbidden Fruit, an experimental troupe whose only performance was a risque interpretation of Mad Max 2 they performed on late night radio in which Angus played The Lord Humungous, who turned out to be quite proficient with the jazz flute.[citation needed] Sampson has also been a presenter on RRR's Breakfasters program.[21] In addition, Sampson was also the un-credited host of the late-night radio show The Lonely Hearts Club, a deadpan comedy series which ran on ABC Radio National in early 2011 in which Sampson appeared under the pseudonym Richard Silk.[22]


Year Title Role Notes
1998 Dags Prozac
1999 Smile & Wave Ray Short film
2003 Referees, TheThe Referees Stevo Short film
2003 Darkness Falls Raymond 'Ray' Winchester
2003 Fat Pizza Junky
2003 Razor Eaters Syksey
2005 You and Your Stupid Mate Jeffrey
2006 Kokoda Dan
2006 Footy Legends Lloydy
2007 Feeling Lonely? Rob Short film
2007 Rats and Cats Robber
2009 Last Supper, TheThe Last Supper Judas Short film
2009 Wake, TheThe Wake Jonathan Short film
2009 Celestial Avenue Ah Gong Short film
2009 Where the Wild Things Are The Bull Suit Performer
2010 I Love You Too Thug
2010 Pop Man Short film
2010 Summer Coda Franky
2010 Insidious Tucker
2010 Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole Jutt (voice)
2011 There's a Hippopotamus on Our Roof Eating Cake Father Short film
2011 Post Apocalyptic Man Barfly Short film
2011 Tender Max Short film
2011 Teddy Jim Short film
2011 Attack Soldier Short film
2012 100 Bloody Acres Lindsay Morgan
2013 Blinder Franky
2013 Mad Max: Fury Road Filming
2013 Insidious: Chapter 2 Tucker
Year Title Role Notes
2001 Blue Heelers Glenn Rossiter Episode: "Letter of the Law"
2002 Blue Heelers Tony Costa Episode: "Fishing for Dummies"
2002 Short Cuts DJ Episode: "What a Feeling"
2003 Stingers Ali Episode: "Cul-De-Sac"
2003 Greeks on the Roof Dimi 11 episodes
2004 Secret Life of Us, TheThe Secret Life of Us Tyrone Episode: "Stretching the Friendship"
2005 Secret Life of Us, TheThe Secret Life of Us Video Shop Guy/Tyrone Episode: "The Character Question"
2007 Wilfred Cyros Episode: "Dog Eat Dog"
2007 King, TheThe King Ugly Dave Gray TV movie
2007 Chandon Pictures Bevan Episode: "Cousins"
Episode: "Bevan's Heaven"
2008 Underbelly Michael Thorneycroft 3 episodes
2008 Time Trackers Leonardo da Vinci Episode: "Da Vinci"
2010 Librarians, TheThe Librarians Xavier Fisher 4 episodes
2010-2011 Spirited Zach Hannigan 15 episodes
2012 Beaconsfield Brett 'Cress' Cresswell TV movie
2012 Howzat! Kerry Packer's War Allan Johnson Episode: "1.1"
Episode: "1.2"
2013 Paper Giants: Magazine Wars Patrick TV miniseries, filming


In June 2007, he was announced as one of the world's "Sexiest People of 2007" as chosen by Who magazine.[23]


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