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Anhel GmbH is a Russian consortium, with an annual turnover of over 1.5 billion Euros. It was founded in 1999, based on an earlier company, and divided and sold in 2007.

(Group of companies Anhel) - Russia; the Mid-annual trade turnover over 1,5 billion EURO; the company is based in March, 1999 as the distribution company. The basic directions of activity: Civil building (the Megacity, Joint-Stock Company) - settlements houses, regional housing estates; Foreign trade activities (Russian Transit, Joint-Stock Company) - trade in a source of raw materials (sugar, rapeseed oil, bulk-oil products); the distribution company (the Union the Trade, Joint-Stock Company) - market FMCG (fatty industrials production, textiles, clothes); the Transport-logistical company (Kiev-transit, Joint-Stock Company) - services of storage and transportation of consignments worldwide; the Production company (company Anhel); the Management company (Anhel GmbH, Joint-Stock Company). During the period since 1999 for 2007 led the vigorous activity in territory of the Russian Federation. In her assets creation of a chamber orchestra under control of the conductor V.Korunova (director by Smetannikov), reconstruction of 1st urban children's clinical hospital; Sharing development of show business and fashion - the industries. The permanent chief throughout all time of existence of Group of the companies was Shuvalov Alexander who is a member of Association of Independent Directors, however in 2007, the company unexpectedly was sold in parts.