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Anibare is a district in the island nation Nauru, a part of the Anabar Constituency. With a population of 160, it is the least populous of Nauru's districts, although it is larger than any other district by area.


Anibare district shown within Nauru.

In this district is the best beach of the island at Anibare Bay. It's a beach with white coral sand and the best place on the island to surf or to swim. The Anibare Bay is the only bigger attraction of the whole island. Near the Anibare Bay is the Meneng Hotel.


In the western part of the district is where the phosphate stockpile is located.


It is located in the east of the island, and covers an area of 3.1 km2 (1 sq mi) and has a population of 250. Anibare district is thus Nauru's largest in area, and among the smallest in population. Nauru's reputation for being densely populated is thus somewhat nuanced, since it refers principally to the average areas and populations of districts other than Anibare.

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Coordinates: 0°32′S 166°57′E / 0.533°S 166.950°E / -0.533; 166.950