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For the Indian/American electrical engineer see Anil K. Jain (electrical engineer)

Anil K. Jain (born 1948) is an Indian-American computer scientist and University Distinguished Professor in the Department of Computer Science & Engineering at Michigan State University, known for his contributions in the fields of pattern recognition, computer vision and biometric recognition.[1][2] According to Google Scholar, he has an h-index of 143,[3] the second highest among computer scientists.[4]


Born in India, Jain received his Bachelor of Technology in electrical engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur in 1969. He received his MS and PhD from the Ohio State University in 1970 and 1973, respectively.

Jain is an ISI Highly Cited researcher. In 2007, he received the IEEE W. Wallace McDowell Award for his pioneering contributions to theory, technique, and practice of pattern recognition, computer vision, and biometric recognition systems. He has also received numerous other awards, including the Guggenheim Fellowship, Humboldt Research Award, IAPR Pierre Devijver Award, Fulbright Fellowship, IEEE Computer Society Technical Achievement award, IAPR King-Sun Fu Prize, and IEEE ICDM Research Contribution Award. He is a Fellow of the ACM, IEEE, AAAS, IAPR and SPIE. He also received best paper awards from the IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks (1996) and the Pattern Recognition (journal) journal (1987, 1991, and 2005).

He served as a member of the National Academies panels on Information Technology, Whither Biometrics and Improvised Explosive Devices (IED). He also served as a member of the Defense Science Board.

Notable publications[edit]

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Research Articles
  • Cross, George R. and Anil K. Jain. "Markov random field texture models." IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence (1983): 25-39.
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Survey Articles
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