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Anima Naturalis logo.png
Founded 2003
Area served Spain, Colombia, Argentina, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, Mexico, Uruguay and Chile
Focus(es) Animal rights
Method(s) Education
AnimaNaturalis manifestation against the sale of animals in La Rambla, Barcelona

AnimaNaturalis is an international non profit animal welfare organization whose activism is oriented towards animal liberation. It was founded on March 2003.[1][2] It has offices in some Latin American countries and in Spain.

Their main activism efforts involve speaking out against the use of the animals as food, in laboratories (animal testing),[3] as clothing (the use of animals for their fur),[4] for entertainment in traditions that are considered cruel,[5] and the mistreatment of animals as pets and animals in general.

In 2008, the famous Spanish singer Alaska collaborated with them in a joint campaign with PETA, posing nude in a picture to raise awareness for what she considers cruel activity, bullfighting.[6]

AnimaNaturalis has also organized protests against the skin industry, like Sin Piel, (No Fur) which became the single most massive protest on this subject ever done in Spain.[7] It has also been realised in Argentina, where they counted with the collaboration of the actress Marcela Kloosterboer.[8]

In Chile they organize annual marches against the mistreatment undergone by young bulls in the Chilean rodeo.[9][10] The last march, which took place September 6, 2008, had the collaboration of the Chilean dancer Maura Rivera.[11][12][13]

As an international non-profit organization, it has offices in Madrid (Spain), Cadiz (Spain), Barcelona (Spain), Bogota (Colombia), Buenos Aires (Argentina), Caracas (Venezuela), Guayaquil (Ecuador), Lima (Peru), Logroño (Spain), Mexico Federal District (Mexico), Montevideo (Uruguay) and Santiago de Chile (Chile).


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