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Anima Mundi are a progressive rock band from Cuba founded in 1996, who combine symphonic rock, new age, Celtic, space music and traditional Cuban influences in their music. Current members include Roberto Díaz on guitars and vocals, Virginia Peraza on keyboards and vocals, Yaroski Corredera on bass, Emmanuel Pirko Farrath on lead vocals and José Manuel Govin on drums. They have four commercially released studio albums - Septentrión (2002), Jagannath Orbit (2008), The Way (2010) and The Lamplighter (2013) these two latest were world acclaimed and received excellent critics and reviews. In 2012, they also put in the market a live double DVD and CD named Live in Europe, which portrays their first Dutch show in Helmond during 2011 European tour. Anima Mundi has achieved a well deserved recognition around the world for their fantastic and imaginative music They have also created his own distinctive sound which can easily recall us the echoes of the grand progressive rock dinosaurs from the 70' plus the introduction of their own view and perspective of the progressive rock of the new millennium. It is also important highlight the lyrics of their songs as intriguing mix of mysticism, spirituality and fantasy written by the band leader, guitar player and main composer Roberto Díaz.


Suite The Lamplighter 1. On Earth Beneath The Stars 2. The Call and Farewell Song 3. Light the Lantern of your Heart 4. The Human House

Suite Tales from Endless Star 5. The dream Child Behind the Mask 6. The Return Part I 7. Endless Star 8. The Return Part II

Epilogue His Majesty Love

- THE WAY songs-

1. Time to Understand. 2. Spring Knocks on the Door of Men. 3. Flying to the Sun. 4. Cosmic Man.

Jagannath Orbit Songs[edit]

1. We Are the Light. 2. The Awaken Dreamer in the Soul Garden. 3. Toward the Adventure. 4. There’s a Place not Faraway. 5. Jagannath Orbit (in the Orbit of Love). 6. Rhythm of the Spheres. 7. Sanctuary.

Septentrión Songs[edit]

1. Horizonte 2. Por Siempre 3. Centinela 4. Caleidoscopio 5. Peregrino del Tiempo 6. Mas Allá 7. La Montaña del Vigia 8. Las Praderas del Corazón 9. Tierra Invisible 10. El Hallazgo 11. El Umbral 12. Septentrión

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